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Brand△ in Temp (Lower Is Better)AmazonNewegg
Phobya LM6.52$17.00$10 mercury - difficult to spread
Coollaboratory LiquidUltra6.65$12$22 mercury - difficult to spread
Coollaboratory LiquidPro6.95$12$20 mercury - difficult to spread
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - Recommended7.88$10$9+ Paste - Recommended
Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme8.19$14+$10+$13+
Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut8.35$18$17+$18+
Prolimatech PK-38.39$17$9+$8
Prolimatech PK-28.45$13$6Varies, $21
Innovation Cooling Diamond 78.69$9$12+$9+
Phobya HeGrease Standard8.69$10$10Varies, $12+
Phobya NanoGrease Extreme8.69Varies$17+$15
Be Quiet DC18.73N/A - OOSN/A$8
Noctua NT-H18.73$8$10$8
Prolimatech PK-18.73$13$10+$13+
Xigmatek Xi-3 HDT8.78Hard to find anymore
Alpenföhn Permafrost8.8Hard to find
Alphacool XPX-18.8$13$12If available
Zalman ZM-STG28.83$8$5+$7+
JunPus DX18.85Hard to find
Xilence X58.9$9+Hard to find
Akasa 50228.98Hard to find
Arctic Cooling MX-48.98$7$7$8$9+
JunPus D90009.01
Alpenföhn Schneekanone9.09
Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut9.13
Xigmatek PTI-45129.24
Xilence Silver Tim9.3
Cooler Master IC Essential E19.36
Cooler Master IC Value V19.36
Arctic Silver 59.43
EK Water Blocks EK-TIM9.45
Arctic Cooling MX-29.48
Dimastech HTX-EE9.6
Xigmatek PTI-G36069.7
Coolink Chillaramic9.9
Arcic Silver Ceramique 210.13
Akasa 46010.31
Akasa 45510.99
Cooler Master HTK-00211.24
Gelid Solutions GC-211.49
Amasan T1212.35
Titan Nano13.04
Cooler Master IC Essential E214.21
Revoltec Thermal Grease14.3
Coollaboratory LiquidCopper14.4
Dimastech 60 Gr15.27
Alphacool Silver Grease16.39

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