TL;DR = Get ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver РDownload РSetup 

There are a lot of RamDrive Softwares, however, to be a proper RamDrive to be used in Windows 10, we need it to loan an image (temp folders, Browser Cache folders, etc).

DataRam Ramdisk – 500BM Free – $30 64GB (Abandonware)

There are some incompatibilities between Dataram’s software and Intel’s RST Raid drivers. We asked the company about it, and they said they are not going to put any time, effort, or resources into developing the software any further. Therefore this software is Abandonware.

AMD RamDrive (DataRam Rebranded)(Abandonware)

These figures are very similar to DataRam. but they allow you to go up to a 4GB RamDrive, which is better than the 500MB limitation of Dataram. If you want this software free, there is no better choice than AMD’s variant.

Miray Ram Drive

Qilinging Disk Manager

I have no idea why this is so slow.

Gizmo RamDrive (Abandonware)

OSF RamDrive Free

Starwin RamDrive Ultra – 2GB – Free

These are respectable numbers, but there are faster, bigger freer RamDrives.

Ultra RAMDisk Lite Р2GB Limit РFree | 

Respectable numbers, but there are faster, bigger freer RamDrives.

Softperfect RamDrive Freeware (3.78)

These are the fastest benchmark speeds of any software we tested

Softperfect RamDrive (4.00) $30

This is the fastest RamDrive in the benchmarks.

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

Boot Times

We did benchmarks for boot times to see how long it adds to shutdowns. We have our image file stored on the SSD, usually just in the root directory. We rebooted three times for each software, at each size of ram drive (2/4/8/16/32) At worst, it only adds about 1-2 seconds to the entire shutdown and startup cycle. Therefore, unless you are using the last free version of SoftPerfect’s RamDrive, this shouldn’t be a factor. The benchmarks are insignificant and therefore are not included.

Best Free: ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

Best Paid: Softperfect RamDrive

The winner is clear: ImDisk Virtual Disk Drive


  • Active Development (As of 2022)
  • Freeware
  • Easy setup
  • Less than 1% slower than Softperfect in writing tiny files
  • Faster Startup & Shutdown than Softperfect Free

CON: You can’t run anything with an MSI Installer. (Known issue)

Google Earth Pro
Oracle VirtualBox
Natural Reader VOICES

They can’t/won’t fix it, so you are rolling the dice a little bit.


How to setup ImDisk



How to setup Softperfect:

  1. Install it. Launch it.
  2. Image > Create Image
  3. Name it, put it in your root C drive, Image type = “Hard Disk”, size it(Whatever you need 4GB+ is recommended), File System = NTFS it, Volume Label =RamDrive.
  4. Say OK
  5. Go to Image > Mount Image. Find it, set the drive letter (I like mine as “R”) Say OK.
  6. Windows is going to pop up and say it found a new drive, format it:
  7. Nice
  8. Create a “Temp” folder for sure. Then any additional folders like “ChromeCache” “FirefoxCache”, etc. Whatever else you need.
  9. Go back into SoftPerfect’s Ram Disk Software and hit “+”
  10. Reboot and make sure it loads correctly. In the windows temp folder you should see files getting written in there:
  11. Go to your browser folder, (it is probably empty) and open your browser and you should see files getting populated. (As of the writing of this text, Chrome put’s it’s cache files in the folder called “Cache_Data” which is just fine)