If you want BIG, quality 4K televisions can be used as monitors. But only a small fraction of them will work.¬†Ideally people like 80-100 PPI for typical monitor viewing distance. Therefore 40-43″ 4K televisions are ideal (102 & 110 PPI).¬† These are the best 4K HDTV’s for general PC use, in rooms in which you can control the light and the viewing angle is straight on:

ManufacturerModel #Size in InchesRting Ratings@Amazon
@Newegg@eBayB&HGood Price
SamsungUN43LS03N The Frame43"7.7PricePricePricePrice<$999
VizioE43-F1, Recommended43"7.6PricePricePricePrice$310, Recommended
VizioD43-F1, Recommended43"7.5PricePricePricePrice$300, Recommended
SamsungNU7100, Recommended40" &43"7.5PricePricePricePrice$330, Recommended
SamsungMU6300, Recommended40" &43"7.5PricePricePrice$330, Recommended
SamsungNU6900, Recommended43"7.5PricePricePricePrice$280, Recommended
SamsungMU7000 (Discontinued)40"7.4PricePricePrice$500
SonyX720E (Discontinued)43"7.4PricePricePrice$350
SamsungMU629040" &43"7.4PricePricePrice$350
VizioE Series 2017 (Discontinued)43"7.2PricePrice$330
Toshiba43LF621U19 Fire 201843"7.1Price$230
InsigniaFire TV43"6.9Price$240


Last updated March 2019

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