how to schedule a text message

First, you are going to need a gmail account.

Second, you are going to need to know who is the cell-phone provider of the phone number you want to text AND if they accept email to text.

These are just some of the common providers:

#########@vtext (Verizon) (Google Fi) (Sprint) (Telus Canada) (AT&T) (T-mobile)

If you don’t know it, just google “(carrier) text to email address” to see if it’s supported.

Now go into google and compose a new email, (remember it’s going to be a text, so no fancy stuff) and in the “TO” box, you put the the phone number and carrier address, like this:

And then RIGHT of the “send” button, there is a little down arrow, click it:

Pick the date and time you want it sent:


Note that it will be in your “Scheduled” folder where you can cancel it, edit it, etc.