Why you should manage your own Audible library

I am a vehement Audible fan, I have a good thousand+ books from them, but you’ve got to manage your own library and NOT Audible.  Here are the pros and cons of why you should manage your own library:


No more counter to how much you’ve listened with the app. Which is cool, I admit.


No spending hours on the phone trying to sort out issues like these that plague the forums every day: 

No More In-Book Ads!

No Crashing App problems

It suddenly won’t “authorize” and you can’t have access to your library.

Sometimes they delete your books because of some licensing issues on their end

The Audible App can’t play large (over 30 hour) books without downloading the book in multiple parts.

Libraries get wiped out


Audible “forgets” your progress on all your books.

Won’t integrate into the Audiobooks section of iTunes

Server-Authentication issues

Audible “forgets” you and your library.

Lost password problems

No terrible interface/limited flexibility

Those are just the problems you won’t have to deal with. These are the real advantages: 

You can listen to any book on any device at any time.

You can share any book with anyone and it will work on any of their devices anytime.

Step 1:

Get InAudible (PC) This guide is for InAudible. (or OpenAudible PC or Mac or Linux)

Find your local path for your books:

(Audible App > Settings > Downloads>

Click “Open Download Location in File Explorer”

It’s going to be a horrible path, like this:(default)


This is where your audible files are stored.

Click the three dots and navigate to the folder. Find the book you want to convert:

You can leave the settings as-is.

But change the Output folder to something useful.

Click “Begin Conversion”

Then you will have a nice folder with the mp3s in it. Store it in the cloud.

Now you will ever have any issues, you can access your books at any time on any device, share any book with anyone and any of their devices, never need to login, no passwords to manage, it’s wonderful!


Advanced Renaming and sorting.