Audible – Advanced Renaming and Sorting

I have thousands of audiobooks and when you are at this level, you need to become hyper-organized, nearing OCD. They need to be:


1. No discernible quality loss, while minimizing file Size

2. File name is “correctly” labeled

3. Number system is correctly (Zero padded 01 02 03 instead 1 2 3)

4. ID3 Tags are appropriated populated

5. Maximize compatibility (for all mp3 players everywhere)


This ensures they will play in every mp3 player in the world, and in the right order. After making books since 2001, this is the best file naming system:

“Track – Author – Album (book) – Title”

“Track” must be first because many mp3 players only read the first seven-character of the file name. Others only read the id3 tags. This way ensures both systems will play in the correct alphabetical order. The track must be also zero padded otherwise they look like this to many mp3 players:

Impossible to listen to.

I put each book in a folder. “Last, First – Book Title” I also have genre folders, but with correct id3 and file names searching is easy.


The tools I use are:


If they are all uniform and identical, they are easily changed in ONE pass from flashrenamer, so you can change your naming system if you want some thing else later.


MP3Tag (freeware)

If you want to create a list of all your books, I use

Directory List and Print Pro