Things you need to be a proper next-level tech

If you are going to be “the guy” or “the girl” that everyone takes their tech to in order to be fixed, these are the tools you need outside of a standard Philips screwdriver: (affiliate links)

  1. 2.5″ – USB adapter – For Laptop HDD and SSDs. Sometimes you don’t want to tear open your computer to test a drive.
  2. 3.5 Enclosure – For 3.5″ external HDD’s. Way easier than putting into another existing-working PC.
  3. 6mm Hex Screwdriver – This is the size of the brass standoffs. A tool like this will help un/install them when they being “uncooperative.”*
  4. JIS Screwdriver set – Laptops don’t use Philips screws, they look like it, but they are actually JIS.*
  5. Torx set – Needed for opening HDD (T8), certain laptops, cell phones (T1-T6)*
  6. Heat gun – Needed for opening cell phones, and softening adhesives in certain laptops, monitors, etc.
  7. Assorted Miscalaious tools – Whenever you buy a cell phone battery replacement hit, it generally comes with picks, suction cuts and the like. Pics are useful for shucking external HDD.

Yes, the iFixit toolset has most of the hand tools.

If you don’t get quality, these very small tools will snap

things you DO NOT NEED:

Anti-static wrist strap