How to Vet a Site

Just because they have a slick website is NOT mean they are a legit company, you need to learn to vet companies you haven’t heard of. Sometimes you don’t have time to ask someone else to google for you.  Vetting a site takes literally less than 1 minute, so you should learn how to do it yourself. 

  1. Google them.  See if other sites or forums talk about them.
  2. Whois the domain.  Was it recently registered? Was it registered only for 1 year? All signs point to a scam.
  3. Google a phrase from their Terms of Service, often other scam sites use/have used the identical vernacular.
  4. Common sense. Do they list a phone number? Call it. An address? Google maps it. Does it look like a business area?  Does it not list the suite # in a large office building? Is their Contact Us page just a contact form? All scam red flags.
  5. may have a listing for them as well IF they are legit.
  6. You might want to install WOT (Web of Trust) extension.
  7. The very last thing you should do, if all signs point to “legit” ask someone on /r/scams

Also, understand the difference between a Marketplace and a Seller.  Is craigslist/ebay/amazon 3rd party/Ecrater/etc legit? Yes.  Do they have the potential to have fraudulent sellers on them? Yes.