Custom Computer Desk

Custom Desk

Having a custom desk is super awesome, impressive, functional, elegant, quieter, etc.

1. Get Sketchup (free) and start to design it:




Desk 1.0 is completely modular meaning the heavy thick top sits on top the two sides and is bracketed in with little notches.  This makes it a BREEZE to move, setup, configure (and BUILD for them.)

I am designing Desk v2.0 which will include:

Modular Flush-mount USB ports (google search)

Remote Power/reset buttons. (someplace where I can’t hit them, maybe a cover?)

Sound insulation for the compartment with the computer (here is a place that looks good and cheap)

Wiring for ultra-quiet 200mm fans.

Wall or desk mounted Monitors

Footrest Hammock:










Once you have designed your custom computer desk in Sketchup, put all the dimensions in the drawings. Print it out from all the significant angles and take it to your woodworker. They will be able to help fix some design flaws you will have. Remember to design it well with the woodworker in mind.  K.I.S.S. principle. You can do it yourself, or find some kid in the workshop and pay him (or her). Some school districts also have a program for “troubled” youth on the high school level, in which they go to an “advanced” woodshop. My desk cost me $400! Which EASILY would cost ten times more at any other custom woodwork cabinet/custom desk maker. I know because I have the bids.  The students who did my desk were not “allowed” to accept money, but I sent them each a thank you card with a pic of before and after and snuck $50 cash in each.  I hopefully made their day.


Here is my design so that you can play with it if you want.  The width of the computer compartment is too narrow; it limits my case selection somewhat.  I suggest a compartment at least 1 foot in width (so you can add foam to the walls).


Tip: If you want a longer power/reset switch built into your desk, the connectors are called “Dupont” connectors are widely used in the growing hobby field.
Yes, you can buy hundreds of them on eBay for a dollar, but then you need the pin connectors:
wire and crimpers:
Just for 1 or 2 stupid cables. It’s not cost-effective. I recommend you go down to a hobby shop and have them make you one.
Or you could use WOL (Wakeup On Lan) and turn your phone on with Unified Remote that I talked about in my Software Page. Nevertheless, if you want to buy a few, here is the cheapest place I could find just a few.