how to setup and tweak your Windows 10 Install

After you have re/installed windows, this is what you should, in this order: (make sure windows update is NOT running yet – You may want to unplug the ethernet)

1. Make sure you have the latest bios. 

Motherboard manufacturer generally says if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. But always update the bios to the latest for a new machine. This can increase compatibility and functionality for your new hardware. You can do this before you install windows.

2. Install missing hardware drivers

Install the latest drivers from the web, not the included CD.

What’s missing? Go into Device Manager and look for any Yellow ? or !








3. Install a RamDrive

Duh, no brainer. A must for any power user. Especially with an SSD.

4. Remap Folders for SSD + HDD + Ramdrive use (If applicable)

5. Uninstall not needed Windows applications

Go over to the Win10 Initial Script and go through that. 

6. Reboot and now install windows updates.

7. Go into Power Options and set it up so it won’t go to sleep when you don’t want it to, etc.

8. Install, import and restore the rest of your stuff that you did from this previous step of properly backing up your old windows install.

(if you are using Google Backup and Sync, (you should) for photos as well, there are specific instructions on how to reinstall that need to be followed to prevent duplicates)

9. Now go into the Startup (In Task Manager; CRL+SHIFT+ESC) and disable stuff you don’t want running. (right-click disable)









12.  Uncheck “Allow files on this device to have contents indexed….” under your SSD. (if applicable).


13. Skip the login screen (if desired)

Type netplwiz into the search box

UNCHECK “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”



14. Reboot and you should be good now. All done.

Here is a list of software that almost everyone should consider thinking about using