how to sell your old computer

  1. Compile a complete list of all the parts.  Use Partpicker, add any custom parts if needed. Feel free to include a link to this list if it makes your pricing look good.
  2. Note any warranty remaining on each part. Include any original receipts so they can RMA anything if needed.
  3. Clean out your computer with air compressor/DataVac Electric Duster outdoors. (One of the great joys of life)  Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth
  4. Take good clean, sharp, well-lit pictures with a good clean background.
  5. Run Userbenchmark and include this link in your ad. If you have any fixable problems, (drastically underperforming hardware) fix it.
  6. Run CrystalDiskInfo and include screenshots of all your HDD & SSD.
  7. Find a fair price. Look at others selling computers, look at eBay historical (Sold).
  8. Offer to meet them at your house. Shady sellers insist on meeting in parking lots. Remind them if they have any problems, they know where you live.
  9. Include a week personal warranty, point this out, say “if anything breaks, bring it right back, you know where I live.”
  10. Reinstall Windows FRESH. Disconnect the Windows Key from your Microsoft account. (If applicable)
  11. Get a copy of the Windows Keys (use the free version of  Magic Jelly Bean) and print it out and put it on a text file on the desktop.


Your ad should look something like this:

<Partpicker Link>

This is my personal PC, I am selling it just because I am upgrading. Works perfectly.

Here is a <link> to the Userbenchmark performance, and a CrystalDiskInfo on the SSD and HDDs. (Never buy a computer from someone who refuses to  give this info)

Windows 10 is legit and activated.  HDD/SSD has been wiped and freshly installed, only windows & updates have been installed. It’s ready to go.

You will get a text file on all the parts, all the part #’s, all the serial #’s and the windows activation key as well.

<Remember to sell the sizzle: tell them what the computer does “This Computer can (play games/video edit/stream video/etc)”>


The advice to buy a used computer is the reciprocal of this.

Where to sell? 

Facebook Marketplace

Your area may have an alternative that people use more than CL. Google or ask locals to find out

Reddit /r/hardwareswap