.why some internet pricing is so astronomically high

Ever see some several generations old hardware listed on the internet with astronomically high prices? The way these automated pricing algorithms work is when they detect:

(1)Low Stock (2) No Stock Elsewhere or (3) they only seller selling it

it will automatically raise up the price far over MSRP levels.

Yes, this is idiotic.

It’s just a remnant from the days when these algorithms were created; the days when books were primarily being sold, and when you have the LAST or ONLY copy of a book, you now effectively have a monopoly and can jack the price up to astronomical levels.  Which doesn’t really fit for computer hardware, but nonetheless, that’s the way it is.

Who will buy it? A fool and his money will be soon parted. Nobody smart that is.

An uneducated and unsavvy buyer may “think” they need that exact part to fix their computer, so they purchase it.

You can easily verify this by going and trying to buy an old flagship CPU, a few generations old, you will see new 4790K’s @ $575+,

When at time of this writing, one can purchase a comparable performing CPU for $99.

Yes, this is asinine if you know anything about anything, but the pricing algorithms are not that smart.  If you want TRUE “fair-market prices” for items that are no longer in production look at ebay historical.